Monday, May 10, 2021

Taiwan’s Electric Vehicle Supply Chain Goes into High Gear


BY LEVI LI - 2021-04-28 - IN BUSINESS

Electric vehicles (EV) keep gaining momentum in part due to the bans on the purchases of gasoline vehicles in many European countries by 2030 and the U.S. by 2035, according to YouGov.

Components of electric vehicles have recently been in high demand in light of not only the pandemic but also this policy.

What are Taiwan’s advantages in a nutshell?

Azizi Tucker, a senior supply development engineer who came to Taiwan in 2007 to work for an EV start-up called Tesla Motors, claimed that what the team found in Taiwan were highly adaptable small and medium-sized businesses that were able to make the parts to Tesla’s specifications.

Taiwan-based companies, with support from a local ecosystem for integrating power and electric systems, have significant advantages around the globe in the EV supply chain, according to AU Optronics Chairman Paul Peng.

Companies such as Chang Chun Group, a petrochemical conglomerate that produces copper foils for lithium-ion batteries, and Hota Industrial Manufacturing Co., the sole supplier of reduction gears to Tesla, are struggling to keep up with the burgeoning demand.