Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Recap of 2020

We would first like to extend a very Warm Welcome into the New Year from all of us here at LandBlueBook.com! We thought an appropriate way to start off the New Year would be by giving our users a recap of 2020

To keep things concise but informative, we compiled a table that we thought might attract your interest. Below you will see the top three companies that have sold the greatest amount of property listings. Please feel free to click on the companies’ logos to go to their websites. You can also click on the states to view the property details. 

Top 3 Companies 

States Where Company has SOLD Listings 






On the following map, the states in red represent the States shown on the table above

You can compare for yourself, where you are among the standing. If you’re on top, do your best to stay there throughout the New Year! If you’re not, well, you have a whole year to catch up. Thus far, all of our users’ property listings have compiled to value of over $4.2 Billion Dollars! What that translates to is a lot of potential for 2021-for both you and us!