Friday, February 22, 2008

Maximize Your Retirement Money by Going Global

Despite declines in U.S. housing prices, you'll still get more bang for your buck by leaving the country. Find out if the math of living abroad adds up to a retirement free of financial strain...

According to MarketWatch

Living cheaper abroad

Offering special property tax breaks, generous senior citizen discounts and affordable living costs, Panama has in just a few short years established itself as a welcoming haven for Americans looking to stretch limited incomes during their golden years.

"Once you're established here you can live a cheaper life and a nice life," said Honey Dodge, who owns a bed and breakfast in Altos with her husband Larry that often caters to Americans who are in the process of building homes nearby.

Do your research

When visiting a new country that might one day be your home, stay in an inexpensive guesthouse rather than a hotel. Buy your own food at several markets and cook for yourself. To read more click here.