Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Use Auctions to Increase Your Income


Earn up to a 2% commission at settlement by properly registering the successful high bidder at a Woltz & Associates, Inc. real estate auction.

Requirements for Cooperating Agents Producing Buyers:

- Agent must be licensed in the state in which auction is conducted.
- A Woltz & Associates Inc. buyer application form must be properly completed and received by Woltz & Associates Inc. at least 24 hours prior to auction.
- The agent must show the property to and attend the sale with the buyer and assist in closing procedures.


Earn up to a 3% commission at settlement by entering your listing in a Woltz & Associates, Inc. real estate auction.

Auction Candidates:

- A listing about to expire
- Property that seller wants to quickly convert to cash
- Bridge loan and "subject to the sale of existing property" situations
- High demand - broad market properties where competition between buyers will boost the selling price
- Inactive listing that deserves a new marketing approach
- Estate and surplus properties
- Financially troubled properties

To put a listing in a Woltz auction:

- Agent must be licensed in the state in which auction is conducted
- A Woltz & Associates Inc. auction amendment must be added to listing agreement
- Listing agent maintains sign and lock box on property, conducts open houses, shows property by appointment and attends auction to assist in closing procedures.
- Agent provides Woltz & Associates Inc. with the necessary information to properly represent and promote the property to be auctioned.


LandBlueBook.com Launched Innovative Auction Calendar!

LandBlueBook is one of the real estate websites (besides LandBlueBookInternational.com and Land4Bid.com) developed by Land Blue Book, Inc. Land Blue Book, Inc. was established as a corporation in January of 2001. Within this corporation there are currently three websites LandBlueBook, LandBlueBookInternational.com, and Land4Bid.com.

LandBlueBook is the most developed of the three; having been launched in 2001. LandBlueBookInternational.com was launched in February of 2006. Land4Bid.com was launched in August 2007. LandBlueBook.com and LandBlueBookInternational.com are service businesses providing an online searching tool, portal, and database for the real estate industry, specifically focusing on land. LandBlueBook.com provides a national land database (all of the United States) and LandBlueBookInternational.com provides an international land database covering most countries in the world. Market includes land buyers, land developers, home builders, realtors, attorneys, lending companies, title companies, building contractors, and land owners.

Land4Bid.com is the premier information provider of land listings for auction. LandBlueBook’s visitors are able to search land for free without having to log-in. Account holders are able to post $10 land for sale listings, post free land wanted listings, and advertise your listing or website. When advertised the listing or website is placed on LandBlueBook USA Homepage under "Featured Listings" or "Featured Web Links", respectively. By joining Membership with LandBlueBook one will be able to post unlimited number of land for sale listings and search for FREE leads. A remarkable unique feature of Land4Bid.com, specializing on auction land listings, is the Auction Calendar.