Saturday, April 21, 2007

FREE Ticker Ad for your Listing

To make sure your listings are receiving the maximum exposure possible, we have created a “TICKER” to complement your paid advertisements, which your property will receive FREE of charge when you choose to advertise with us. If you Advertise one of your listings on the Featured Listings section, your listing will also be advertised on the Ticker located on our Main Homepage.

Steps to Advertise your Listing

1. Go to
a) If you don’t have a Free Account, click on “Open Account” and follow the steps provided, then continue to step 2
b) If you already have an account continue to step 2
2. To advertise on our website click on “Advertising with Us
3. Input your email and password
4. Choose the type of Advertisement you would like, and the duration
5. Select the listing you would like to advertise
6. Choose your preferred method of payment

Advertising on has proven to be a very effective tool for our users, since it is an easy and affordable way to reach people worldwide. Visit today, and let us become your most effective marketing tool.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

New USA Land Listings Update

As continues to expand and progress, we invite you to tag along! Our website’s reputation has been continually escalating and we would like to thank our users for their loyalty and constant support.

We are very proud to announce that since the beginning of the year we have had a massive amount of new land listings. In the table below you will see new land listings from 21 states that were posted from March 1st until now.

Our International database also continues to grow. The following are the countries in which new land listings have been posted since March.

Having a huge amount of land listings is very important, but what is even more important is properly marketing them. We have created different and innovative ways to help you Advertise your company and properties, including our Featured Listings and Featured Web Links sections on our USA Homepage, and our Auction Calendar. and our whole team are here to take care of your marketing needs, and to provide you with an affordable and easy to use website. Visit today and become part of this revolutionary land buying and selling process.