Friday, April 06, 2007

Advertise your Auction with Us!

To make sure your listings are receiving the maximum exposure possible, we have created a “TICKER” to complement your paid advertisements, which your property will receive FREE of charge when you choose to advertise with us. If you Advertise one of your listings on our Auction Calendar, your listing will also be advertised on the Ticker located on our USA Homepage.

The Auction Calendar provides our users across the nation with a tool to promote their auction listings in one convenient place. To advertise one of your listings on our Auction Calendar, please follow the steps provided below.

Steps to Advertise your Listing

1. Go to
2. Click on Advertising with Us
3. Input your email and password
4. Choose “Advertise one of your listings for auction” and click “next”
5. Choose a Start and an End date for your advertisement
6. Select the Auction Date for the property
7. Then click the “Select” button next to the property
8. Now select your preferred method of payment

Advertising on has proven to be a very effective tool for our users, since it is an easy and affordable way to reach people worldwide. Visit today, and let us become your most effective marketing tool.