Friday, February 09, 2007

Real Estate Industry CEOs Optimistic About 2007

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A new report based on the predictions of over 150 CEOs and other senior executives across the real estate and related industries reveals that the majority of sector leaders expect 2007 to be a year of revenue growth and higher profits, marked by a race to find appropriate investments and take advantage of growth opportunities in a market that continues to be flooded with capital.
The report – called Leading the EnterpriseTM 2007 – is the first of its kind to assess the views and opinions of industry executives and board members on the strategic, financial, and organizational issues they believe will command their attention in the coming year. It reveals that leaders are intensely focused on developing their growth strategies and finding appropriate investments, as capital flows continue at a torrid pace into the real estate market despite lowered return expectations. Also notable is the value of retaining and sourcing top talent, when compensation continues to increase.

Some key findings of the report:
· Clearly, the most significant factor driving change across the industry will be continued strong capital flows. Access to talent is also top of mind. The bottom line for many executives: it’s all about finding deals and making sure you have the right people to execute and manage them.
· The majority of executives surveyed expressed confidence in the strength of the U.S. economy for this year and even stronger optimism about their sectors. Many expect continued job growth and minimal increases in interest rates and inflation will positively affect their businesses. Consumer confidence and construction spending are causing a few concerns.
· The vast majority of respondents expect an increase in revenues and profitability. Not surprisingly, the notable exception was in the homebuilding sector; a large majority of homebuilders predict a decline in revenue and profitability for 2007.
· Global expansion will be a key source of growth for companies in the commercial services & brokerage, CMBS, investment banking, private equity, and hospitality sectors. REITs and Investment Managers predict moderate overseas growth. For other sectors, international expansion is not predicted to be significant. For companies planning overseas expansion, Europe is the most-cited target, followed closely by China, India, and Japan. A material number of companies are already off-shoring certain corporate functions or are considering doing so.
· A majority of respondents cite finding appropriate investments as their number one financial challenge. Interestingly, while only 5% mention mergers & acquisitions as their biggest concern, mergers, acquisitions, and privatizations received the most votes (44%) for the big capital markets story of the coming year, and 43% predict consolidation and privatization to increase beyond 2006 levels.
· Over 80% predict the availability of equity and debt capital to be the same or better than last year; at the same time, nearly 90% forecast the cost of capital to increase or remain unchanged.
· Nearly 75% of respondents report that they’ll be increasing the size of their workforce. Hiring will be strongest on the East and West Coasts, followed closely by the Southeastern U.S. For companies operating overseas, close to half will be growing their workforces in Europe, and nearly as many in Asia.
· To attract top talent, companies are focusing on compensation and opportunities for professional growth as the key issues. Company reputation and culture rank a distant third and fourth, respectively. When it comes to employee retention, nearly half report they’ll increase the use of long-term incentives and nearly as many will focus on improving training and development programs. As one executive wryly stated, “It’s still all about the money.”
· A strong majority expect moderate pay increases at all levels of seniority, and a significant number predict major increases, despite the increased demand among investors for stronger links between pay and performance.
· Executives aren’t losing sleep over regulatory issues; nearly 60% predict that compensation levels will be generally unaffected by new SEC disclosure rules.
· Boards are clearly most focused on overseeing and judging corporate performance and strategy. They are watching a company’s senior executives closely and focused on executive compensation, improvement of executive accountability and CEO succession planning as the highest priorities." read more

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

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