Friday, November 10, 2006

Auction Listings at LandBlueBook

The LandBlueBook Team is always working to provide you with the most productive and easy to use land buying and selling website. Our goal is to create the largest, most comprehensive database of land listings all over the world, and thanks to all of our users, we are accomplishing this at an outstanding rate.

LandBlueBook has always considered auction listings to be very important to the real estate market, and since 2003 we have had over 300,000 Acres of land posted as auction listings in 37 States. Below you will see a breakdown of the 13 Land uses that have been posted for auction on our website. As you can see most of the listings that are posted for auction are for Multifamily, Ranch, Farm, and Commercial use.

Below you will find two of our most recent Auction Listings:

Hillsborough County, FL, 25.35 Acres, For Commercial Use

Fredericksburg County, VA, 0.25 Acres, For Commercial Use

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking Another Look at Auctions

CALLING IN THE BIDS John F. Welch Jr., the former chairman of General Electric, hired Sheldon Good & Company Auctions to seek sealed bids for his 16-room waterfront mansion in Southport, Conn

"IT took three years for John F. Welch Jr., the former chairman of General Electric, to sell the house he bought in 1990 in Fairfield, Conn. Initially on the market for $13 million, the property twisted in the wind like the corporate kingpin's scandal-laced divorce proceedings, which were settled in 2003. The 10,700-square-foot Georgian-style estate finally sold this April for about half its original asking price.

Apparently determined not to get burned again — at least not slow-roasted, rotisserie style — Mr. Welch has decided to auction a second property that he also got as part of the divorce settlement: a three-year-old, 16-room waterfront mansion in Southport, Conn., which is expected to bring in at least as much as the Fairfield house. Sealed bids and certified or cashier's checks for 5 percent of the price offered are due on this 9,100-square-foot trophy house by 4 p.m. on Tuesday, according to Sheldon Good & Company Auctions, the national auction firm hired by Mr. Welch, who would not agree to an interview for this article. " read more