Friday, October 13, 2006

Maricopa County, AZ Land for Sale

Maricopa C-ty, AZ, 590.00 Acres, 12,381,600 USD, for Farm use

Maricopa C-ty, AZ, 19.20 Acres, 4,032,000 USD, for Single Family use

Maricopa C-ty, AZ, 5.00 Acres, 35,000 USD, for Single Family use

Maricopa C-ty, AZ, 13,000.00 Sq. Ft, 130,000 USD, for Multi Family use

Maricopa C-ty, AZ, 40.00 Acres, 1,200,000 USD, for Development

Maricopa C-ty, AZ, 4.99 Acres, 2,600,000 USD, for Commercial use

The U.S. Population Is Growing Faster Than Any Other Country - Maricopa, AZ

"The city (Maricopa) is only three years old, but Mayor Kelly Anderson has lived on a farm in what is now Maricopa all his life. So far, he is the city's first and only mayor. Houses are springing up where he said six months ago, there were none.

Maricopa is a microcosm of the population surge occurring in much of the United States — the fastest growing in the industrialized world.

There are one million new residents every four months. The census bureau predicts we'll reach 300 million people some time the week of October 16th.

William Frey, a demographer with the Brookings Institution, said there are three reasons for U.S. population growth: the birth rate is relatively high, we're healthier and living longer, but mostly, it's immigration. He said there is a net increase of one immigrant — legal or illegal — every 30 seconds." read more

From CBS News

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

3 Improvements to

The Team is thrilled to see that individuals, brokers, and companies nationwide are showing an active interest in the services our website offers, and we are delighted to see that they are willing to help us improve them. We would like to especially thank our members, in particular Oregon Opportunities Real Estate, who gave us several amazing ideas, and as promised we have taken them all into consideration and have made 3 remarkable improvements to our website.

It was brought to our attention that some people might know where they want to live before they know how much they want to spend, or how big of a property they want to buy. This is why besides being able to sort the search results by Price and Land Area; our users will now also be able to sort their results by County.

Another improvement made to our search results page is that when our users click on any of the listings to see the details of the property, they will now be able to modify their search right on the land details page. We have also added a link to the LandBlueBook Home page on the upper right hand corner of every page, which will facilitate the navigation of our website, making it more user friendly.