Saturday, August 26, 2006

Increase in Our Number of Visitors! is one of the fastest growing real estate sites on the Internet, and we are very excited about the increase of our number of visitors over the last several months, especially the month of August. August has improved our traffic ranking in a noticeable way, as you can see in the graph below.

According to traffic ranking by, has been steadily increasing its position among other sites. Today, traffic ranking’s weekly average shows we are on the top 50,000 sites!

More visitors to our website mean more people viewing your land listings. This also means much more exposure and chances to sell your land. Today, we have listings in more than 30 countries around the world! If you would like to see which countries have listings with us, look on the right column under the heading “International Land for Sale”.

The convenience of our new Homepage allows our visitors to search for property without having to log in; this means that your listing will get more exposure worldwide. Post your land listings today and take advantage of all the services