Thursday, August 17, 2006

Visit our new Homepage! is always striving to provide its users with great quality service, and this has motivated us to change our homepage once again. Our New Homepage now contains USA and International land for sale listings by countries and states, allowing you to access the listings in certain state or country without having to log in or run a specific search.

We are very pleased to see how significantly our database has grown since the beginning of this year. Our users are recognizing that posting land on our website brings a great deal of exposure to their business; in fact, since June 1st we have had new land listings in 33 states! You will find a list of these states in our Blogger on the right column under “USA Land for Sale”.

The following graph represents the Top 10 States with the most Land Listings from June 1st until now.

We are also very happy to inform you that our International land listings are continuing to grow as well. Since last week we have had new land listings from Jamaica, Morocco and the US Virgin Islands, expanding our International Land Listing to 28 countries! This further shows that land brokers around the world are recognizing as a great marketing tool!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Retiring in Costa Rica

"There are plenty of investment opportunities in Costa Rica, all of which are backed up by the economical and political stability of the country. The main sources for investment are: agriculture and ornamental plants and flowers, livestock, tourism, real estate and the stock market. Small businesses may be extremely succesful if they offer a unique and unexplored product for which there's a lot of demand.

Apart from investing, the retired foreigner can enjoy several cultural and entertainment activities. Costa Rica offers a great amount of ecological tours (cheaper for residents including retired foreigners) and trips to national parks as well as beaches and volcanoes. There are also special interest activities like bird-watching, scuba-diving and horse-back riding tours. For the not so sporty retired person, there are plenty of cultural events like concerts, plays and art exhibits. Last but not least, movie theaters and excellent restaurants abound, especially in San José. " ... read more

By Infocostarica Staff

Land for Sale Listings in Costa Rica