Friday, July 28, 2006

Land Blue Book has Expanded Globally!

We are very pleased to inform you that our website has been expanding globally. The number of countries that are visiting us is now around 90, which are spread out throughout the six continents. In the following map, you will be able to identify the many countries around the world that are recognizing as the solution to their land needs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Top 10 Most Viewed Listings is proud to be part of this wonderful online community that never ceases to amaze us. It is truly rewarding seeing this community come together and form such an electrifying team, your active participation and assistance along with our hard work have created an unstoppable website!

Combining your listings with our services has proven to be a sure recipe for success. One simple example of this is our Top Ten Most Viewed Listings, you added your listings and we provided the Featured Listings service and the results were astonishing. In the months of May, June and up to July 21st the number of visitors that assessed our "Top Ten" list was more than 6 times than that of the same time frame in 2005. Following is a list of our "Top Ten;" we have linked them for you so that it's easy to access them.

Top Ten Most Viewed Listings from May to July 21st

1. Phoenix, AZ, 4.99 Acres for Commercial use
2. Archer, FL, 323.60 Acres for Development use
3. Rapid River, MI, 40.00 Acres for Ranch use
4. CO, 208.74 Acres, for Development use
5. New Hope, PA, 20.00 Acres, for Estate Lots use
6. Tollesboro, KY, 0.50 Acres, for Multi Family use
7. Bloomsburg, PA, 52.00 Acres, for Commercial use
8. Fredericksburg, VA, 112.00 Acres, for Estate Lots use
9. Mineral, VA, 6.86 Acres, for Single Family use
10. Interlachen, FL, 0.38 Acres, for Single Family use

So, what do the Featured Listings have to do with the "Top Ten" list? ALL of the listings that have made it to our "Top Ten" list were also advertised in our Featured Listings. See a pattern? Putting your listing on our Featured Listings is obviously one of the best moves you can make in order to sell your land faster. Keep in mind that the more listings that you post and advertise in our Featured Listings the more chances you will have to include your listings in the "Top Ten" list.

We wondered what more we could do to help you get your listings into the "Top Ten" list. We figured that since land listings advertised with us are directly connected to which listings become the Top Ten Most Viewed Listings, we will give you FREE advertising. Any new Land Listing that you input from now until July 31st you will receive a FREE week's worth of listing advertising on our homepage or newsletter. If you post 3 or more listings we will choose TWO of your listings to be advertised! Remember that for your listing to be put in our Featured Listings you must upload a picture along with it. Also keep in mind when uploading your pictures; you might want to assure your spot in the "Top Ten" list by uploading very eye-catching pictures. Once all of these factors come together you will have created a huge opportunity to sell your listing more efficiently.

We are running this promotion as a "Thank You" for being such an important part of this online community. We encourage you to not let this opportunity pass by, visit today and take advantage of our current promotion.

P.S. Remember that when we promise to include your listings in our Featured Listings, we will do so either in, or in our weekly newsletters, so keep your eyes open in all directions.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Welcome to

Visit, a site owned by Land Blue Book, Inc. We provide varieties of services to facilitate the communication of information between land sellers and buyers, by leveraging the Internet technologies. Land sellers can list their land in or by becoming a member or by using our $10 Listing, and land buyers can find the posted land listings by searching our database. As a result, it will be much easier for a buyer to find an ideal land, and you can sell your land in a more efficient way.